Make requests to discover local iZone devices.

Discover Local Device Command

Send IASD to UDP Broadcast

An expected iZone bridge response would be like ASPort_12107,Mac_[bridge_ID],IP_[bridge_IPAddr],...

If the response is:

  • ASPort_12107,Mac_xxxxxxxxx,
  • ASPort_12107,Mac_xxxxxxxxx,,iZone, …

Then this device only supports the original API, which is described in this document

If the response is:

  • ASPort_12107,Mac_xxxxxxxxx,,iZoneV2, …

Then this device also supprts the new API, described below. The support for the original API is maintained.

Example response:



  • XXXXXXXXXX - is a 9-digit unique system ID number
  • iZone - iZone air con support API v1 (described in in this document)
  • iZoneV2 - iZone air con support API v2
  • iLight - lighting system, garage doors etc
  • iDrate - irrigation system,
  • iPower - monitoring system (power, air quality, solar diverter)
  • Split - split system air con

If a device does not support one of the above systems, the corresponding string will be replaced by “X” or missing