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Let’s talk about how an iZone system integrates with the outside world.

What is iZone?

Briefly, iZone is an engineering designed embedded system, which controls ducted air conditioning, zoning control devices and tons of other smart home devices.

How to integrate with an iZone system?

An iZone system communicates with the outside world through a device called an iZone “bridge”. A bridge must be connected to an IP network. There are two way of communicating with an iZone system via the bridge

  • Via local network: A client can call a local API hosted on the iZone bridge if they are located on the same local area network (LAN). This will faciliate faster communication and an internet connection is not needed.

  • Via cloud API: A cloud API is also available for a remote client access or cloud integration. The iZone bridge must be connected to the Internet to facilitate this connection.

Getting started